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A local theatre with broad horizons

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Photo from 'Border Syndrome'. A play by which Bornholms Theatre is reaching out towards an international audience. Photo: Anders Beier/Mindgap.

Bornholms Teater (Bornholm's Theatre) is the regional theatre on the Danish island of Bornholm. Bornholms Teater's ambition is to offer theatre of the highest quality, with a solid base in Bornholm's history and culture. We pursue this ambition through theatrical productions and collaborations with local organisations, institutions, and artists.

Bornholms Teater has ambitions that reach beyond Bornholm. We collaborate and co-produce with other professional companies in Denmark in an effort to promote Bornholm and to expand our theatrical horizons. Also, we seek cooperation with theatres abroad and occasionally send some of our productions on international tours.
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Rønne Theatre.
Bornholms Teater has its home at the historic Rønne Theatre - the oldest functioning theatre in Denmark.
The construction of Rønne Theatre was completed in 1823, financed through the initiative of a group of local citizens who formed a public limited company. The Company’s 215 shares were purchased by citizens of Rønne, but the shares never paid dividend.
The theatre was designed according to baroque principles i.e. flat wings that could be rolled on and off stage and a flat backdrop. The floor of both stage and auditorium was sloped to enhance perspective and the audience’s view of the stage.  Rows of benches were set up in the lower house and the balcony.  
The auditorium was a bit smaller than it is today, but nevertheless it had a seating capacity of about 400. (Today it has a seating capacity of 300.)
Learn Wisdom from the Scene of Life  is written above the stage – a motto that has been upheld ever since.
A smaller stage with an audience capacity of 40 was added in 2010.

For more information about Rønne Theatre see HERE or read the online brochures in English or German.

Bornholms Teater is funded by the Regional Municipality of Bornholm, the Danish Ministry of Culture and private foundations.

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